Letter writing campaign asks officials to support space program

October 7, 2009

Save Space is a movement started by people on the Space Coast of Florida to raise the awareness of the nation, the President, and other elected officials: Space needs to be a priority for America!

The goal of the effort is to have half a million letters (physical, paper letters–not just emails!) in the hands of government officials by October 31, 2009.

Check out the Save Space website to learn more and see ideas for letters you can send.


Obama launches independent review of space programs

May 15, 2009

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The Obama Administration on May 7, 2009 announced the launch of an independent review of planned U.S. human space flight activities with the goal of ensuring that the nation is on a vigorous and sustainable path to achieving its boldest aspirations in space. Read the rest of this entry »


November 5, 2008

Thank you to everyone that worked so hard to elect a President with a solid space policy!


Be sure to read the Obama Space Policy and get ready for 2009.

Check back soon to see the next phase of life for the Obamanauts!

Obama Space Video

October 31, 2008

Check out the GREAT video of Obama’s speeches and plans for space exploration put together by THE UNDERGROUND in LA!

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Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart joins Obamanauts on Nov 1 in Titusville!

October 30, 2008

U.S. Astronaut Hall of Famer to Knock on Doors, Encourage Floridians to Take Advantage of Last Days of Early Voting
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We’re Obamanauts too! More space industry leaders back Barack

October 30, 2008

The list of Obama space supporters is growing! On the heels of Sally Ride and Rusty Schweickart‘s endorsements of Senator Obama, science advocates like Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) have joined the Obamanauts movement, as have space industry entrepreneurs like Peter Diamandis and Lon Levin (co-founder of XM Satellite Radio and other satellite ventures).  Everyone is being asked to vocalize their supportfor the Obama Space Policy with editorials or public appearances in these final days before the election.

Diamandis editorial supports Obama Space Policy

October 30, 2008

The following statement was released to the press today by Dr. Peter Diamandis, co-founder of the International Space University, the X PRIZE Foundation, and numerous entreprenerial space companies. His support comes on the heels of an editoridal by Sally Ride in the Orlando Sentinel. Read the rest of this entry »